The 53rd Week represents working together to exceed the ordinary.  Young professionals in this modern world are more constrained than ever by time and finances, yet still hold onto their dreams of making a difference.  Volunteering on a short-term trip abroad can be a life-changing experience or a fun week away, but long-term changes are unclear – both for participants, and the communities they serve abroad.  But imagine piecing together a string of disparate weeks – a relay race, if you will – a long-term project carried out by teams of young professionals committed to doing their part and helping these communities abroad one week at a time.

That’s the power of plenty.  That’s how we build week upon week to make a difference.  That’s the 53rd Week.

3 thoughts on “— THE 53RD WEEK —

  1. TChan says:

    Cool. When I am done my exam… I’d be interested. Keep me posted.

  2. Liesel says:

    What a wonderful dream and vision, Heather. Maybe when we FINALLY get together it will be for a service trip :).

  3. Excellent idea. This reminds me of alternative spring break but extending it beyond college.

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