Incorporation and logo: pieces coming together

This week has been a turning point in the development of The 53rd Week as an organization – after months of waiting, we finally received word that the New York State Department of State had officially recognized The 53rd Week as an incorporated domestic non-profit organization. As such, we’re now able to officially state that we are working within the boundaries of a non-profit organization, and are able to take the next steps in the process which include filing for tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service, holding our first meeting and preparing the materials that will define our organizational activities (finalizing the officer list, budgets, by-laws, and the like) and eventually using this to drum up some financial and human resource support. All very exciting!

Visit our official listing on the New York Corporation and Business Entity Database.

This week also saw us gratefully receive our new logo from a partner organization of ours, the Marketers of Baruch! This was certainly the fun part of the week. We unveil it below:

The logo itself speaks to our mission and concept. On the idea of building week on week, you’ll note that the 5 is held together in three parts, which would be otherwise single dashes or lines but brought together form a coherent whole. The different colour of the plus sign reflects its role (coordination, adding two parts together) as being the difference between being individual shapes and being part of a bigger picture with more noticeable results.

In that way, the plus reflects our belief that we can build more sustainable outcomes by coordinating disparate efforts (adding team on team towards a larger goal.) This allows us to improve and maximize the short-term volunteer trip paradigm, allowing young parties to donate what precious time and money they do have to a cause that actually has an impact. The plus also doubles as a hospital cross, as homage to our founding interest in short-term medical trips – though theoretically, global development work could likely use short-term volunteer contributions from other professionals and even multidisciplinary teams in order to solve the harder problems.

Finally, the identical stylistic curves of the 5 and 3 represent uniformity of purpose and goals – while the tops of the numbers remain different, there is still a common element to each number. In that same sense, while individual short-term volunteer groups retain their autonomy, there is much to be gained by aligning our efforts towards long-lasting, locally-led global health outcomes, and all the benefits accorded to the volunteers, the participating institutions, and the local population abroad that we’ve talked about before.

These are exciting times, and we look forward to sharing more with you as our organization continues to grow and solidify our concept to bring about a better return on investment from the numerous short term volunteer trips abroad that take place worldwide each and every single year.

Stay tuned.

And about our partners who came up with this fantastic logo, taken from their Facebook site:

“Marketers of Baruch aims to seek individuals who are interested in the fields of marketing and advertising in order to create a network of students to interact, learn, and better themselves as professionals.With these goals in mind, we aim to help students in these fields develop the skills needed through serving both Baruch College and the local community, as well as through participating in national and international competitions. As members of the Baruch community, we believe it is important not only to develop ourselves, but develop our community as a whole.”

To learn more about the Marketers of Baruch, and the great work they’re doing, be (ad)venturous; visit and like their Facebook page.

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